How To Plan Your Next Experiential Pop-Up Event

What is experiential event marketing?

Here at Tobacco Dock, we love to get stuck into our projects and help our clients create distinctive and original events. We’re always looking for ways to up the ante and new and engaging mediums to help clients tell their story. When you hold your event here, your booking goes far beyond that just of space hire. We are passionate about the events we host, and work hard to help organisers come up with interesting and creative ideas, setting the bar in the industry.

Our experienced team has a wealth of experience when it comes to delivering experiential pop ups and immersive events. If you’re new to the concept of experience marketing, then let us talk you through our top tips and inspirations.

In an increasingly competitive market place, the heat is on to show off your brand and tell your story in a way that will impress and stay with your delegates. The traditional ‘one-way’ channels of communication such as simple TV or radio advertising are a thing of the past. With the upsurge in new and engaging forms of story-telling, such as through influencers and experiences, the ways to your clients’ and potential clients’ hearts is through making emotional connections.

We have been hosting a growing number of experiential events and it’s clear to see the increased levels of engagement and involvement among attendees. We find that the unique layout of Tobacco Dock makes it a perfect fit for experiential events. Our flexible layouts and multitude of different spaces mean that you can create exciting delegate flow and distinct areas for your various activations.

It’s not just finding activities for your attendees to take part in. Why not look for an unexpected way to welcome them to your event? Recently delegates to a multi-national finance conference here were greeted by the company’s CEO who appeared at the entrance as a hologram. This was a terrific use of technology which delighted all the attendees and set the tone for a day of outstanding content delivered in creative ways.

We’ve also put the distinctive spaces here to interesting use – we’ve had drone racing in the voids, a jet pack demonstration in the Vaults courtyard and an interactive light room in the Little Gallery, where the displays on the walls responded to the movements of the people in the room. All this really serve to emphasise your content, to involve your audience and to incite a visceral connection with your message.

Influencers are another fantastic way to increase the engagement around your event. Choose someone with a strong and relevant following and they can help to build a buzz in the run-up to your event and also to reach a wider audience during the event itself through their social posts and video content. This is a terrific way of getting a conversation started about your event and will help you to reach far more people who might not have seen your event or your brand otherwise. The importance of influencer marketing continues to grow – they have developed a relationship of trust with their followers and subsequently any recommendations they make carry an immense weight.

Our team would love to talk you through your ideas for your next event concept in London. Whether you’re thinking of hosting an exhibition or product launch for 100 people or an international conference for 8,000, we can help you deliver an event your attendees will remember.

Do get in touch with us to find out about our beautiful spaces. We’d love to show you around, or alternatively, why not take our 3D tour from the comfort of your desk?