Explore our commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility, from our journey towards Net Zero to our impactful CSR initiatives and comprehensive sustainability policies.

We’re on our way to Net Zero

Working with ecollective, we’ve measured our carbon footprint, taking into account all aspects of our business, from heating to printing, lighting to staff travel. This has given us a benchmark against which to measure our journey to Net Zero. All our future emissions will be compared against this first year to track our progress.

In the 2023-2024 financial year our total carbon footprint was 705, 364kg of CO2e, equating to 70kg CO2e per sqm. We’re working to reduce our total carbon footprint each year by 5% to reach Net Zero by 2042.

Our net zero strategy focuses on working to decarbonise all sectors of our business. Our Sustainability Committee develops policies and initiatives both within our team and with our service partners to ensure we keep on track with our goals. We want our clients and visitors to be confident that we conduct our business and deliver events with environmental integrity.

How we are doing it

Some steps we have already taken:
  • Switched to LED lighting to save energy
  • PIR sensors installed to prevent lighting unoccupied spaces
  • Living wall and planters installed on our walkway to encourage biodiversity
  • Carpet tile installation to prevent the wastage of complete carpet refits between events
  • Heating/cooling switched off on build/break days
  • Working with suppliers to reduce waste (Moss, Nu-Kleen) and recycle food (TDF)
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Plans we’ll be putting into action over the next couple of years

Making the switch

While our offices are powered by a renewable energy provider, we’ll ensure we’re using renewable tariffs across the venue as far as we can. We’ll also make time for our team to contact their own energy providers to see if they can make the switch at home to further reduce our footprint.

Taste not waste

We’re proud that our Back of House catering production is Zero to Landfill. Unserved meals shared with the community through City Harvest and OLIO, while 100% of kitchen food waste is recycled via anaerobic digestion. However, we’re extending this food recycling provision to include Front of House bins, so event attendees and office workers can dispose of their leftovers.

Travelling in the right direction

We have agreed as a company to avoid taxis and take public transport where possible for commuting and business travel. We will avoid flying unless absolutely necessary and always car-share if travelling by car to company events is the only option.

Low meat

We’ll be offering meat-free and low-meat menus at our team and hospitality events to help support the team and our guests in choosing low carbon meals.

Sustainability Policies

Tobacco Dock

Tobacco Dock

We are passionate about working with our clients and suppliers to deliver events that reflect our commitment to sustainability.

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Tobacco Dock Food

Tobacco Dock Food

From working with seasonal ingredients to distributing leftover meals through OLIO and City Harvest, our in-house catering team take sustainability seriously.

Policy PDF


Sustainable print solutions, with comprehensive recycling options as well as an independent sustainability assessment and impact report for each event.

Policy PDF
Creative Technology

Creative Technology

Our in-house Audio Visual partners have a detailed manual to ensure each project they work on maintains their high standards in a sustainable manner.

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Our cleaning and waste suppliers use only environmentally-friendly products and achieve a recycling rate of 97.8% per annum for our venue.

Policy PDF
Max WiFi

Max WiFi

Our WiFi service partner has reduction targets in place to help them decrease their energy use and the amount of waste sent to landfill.

Policy PDF

CSR at tobacco dock

At Tobacco Dock, we are in the heart of Wapping and work to support local organisations and communities within Tower Hamlets.

Corporate Social Responsibility is woven into the fabric of our operations, guiding us to not only support our local community but also to champion sustainability initiatives, cultivate meaningful partnerships with charitable organizations, and actively invest in the development of our community. We believe that by embracing these principles, we not only fulfil our ethical obligations but also contribute to building a more inclusive, sustainable, and prosperous society for generations to come.

Charity hub

Our Charity Hub in Workspaces at Tobacco Dock offers charities a first-class working environment at a discounted rate to support with core costs.

Action Tutoring

Action Tutoring

A charity supporting disadvantaged young people to achieve academically, enabling them to progress in education, employment or training.

The Access Project

The Access Project

The Access Project work with students from disadvantaged backgrounds to unlock their potential through tutoring and mentorship.



Settle supports care-experienced young people as they move into their first home so they can confidently transition into independent living and thrive.

Additional charity support

We also support charities that are important to our staff and suppliers:

Food tastes better when you share it

Our in-house catering team, Tobacco Dock Food, have partnered with OLIO the food sharing app and City Harvest London to redistribute unserved meals from events. They undertake this as standard, with no extra charge to our clients.

They are also part of the One Feeds Two initiative: for each meal bought for an event, Tobacco Dock Food donate the cost of a school meal to a child living in one of the poorest countries. In a one year period, this equated to 78,000 meals.

Supporting Wapping and our local community

We’re committed to protecting and improving our local environment and to supporting and building relationships with the local community, volunteering time and resource, from providing 500 homemade mince pies to the Wapping Christmas Fayre to donating computer equipment to the local schools.

We encourage our event clients to build sustainability and CSR elements that will benefit the local area into their agendas, and lessen any negative impact.

We regularly communicate with our direct neighbours and provide clear channels of communication to discuss issues that may arise.

Wapping ward panel

Tobacco Dock also supports the Wapping Ward Panel which consists of local volunteers, councilors, the police and other stakeholders for the area.

Wapping residents

We have a local resident mailing list for updates and offers. To find out more please email us at

Supporting the next generation

We are part of the MMU Events Management Student Mentor Programme. Its aim is to assist and support students transition from education to the next part of their career, whether that’s deciding on whether to undertake a placement year, helping them to realise their potential or assisting them to prepare for an interview. The type of support each student needs varies; many have never worked or been in a ‘professional’ environment before, so many simple tasks we take for granted will be new to them.

In addition, our Senior Event Operations Manager Chelsey Hulbert, who is mentoring the current cohort’s student, arranged a 1 day visit to Tobacco Dock, giving her access to a range of departments across the venue.

I am incredibly grateful for the guidance and support of Chelsey. Her reassurance, willingness to share her wealth of experience and opening her network to me has been invaluable.

- Charlotte Cox, MMU Student

plan Exceptional Events, Sustainably

With our unwavering commitment to sustainability, you can trust that every event at Tobacco Dock is conducted with environmental integrity. Explore our green initiatives and start planning your next eco-conscious event today.

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