Things to consider when organising a tech event

When planning any sort of event, you might not be surprised to hear us tell you that choosing the right venue should be right at the top of your to-do list.

There are so many things to consider when organising your tech event, but a great deal of those can be greatly helped when your space and team are set up for all the additional needs this sort of event necessitates.

Location, location, location

What makes a perfect tech event venue?

  1. First of all, pick a space which is in relatively close proximity to where tech companies are based. In addition, it’s essential that it’s easily accessible by public transport and/or car.


  1. Look for a venue which will prove a draw to potential delegates. An interesting venue can add an extra dimension to your event through its cool interiors or historical significance.


  1. Ensure the spaces on offer are the right fit for your projected guest list – too small and it will be too cramped, too large and your event will feel under-attended and it will be difficult to build an atmosphere.


  1. Do they have tech capabilities that match up to your needs? This is crucial to make sure your conference tech is supported and that there is plenty of scope for delegates to ‘plug in’.


  1. Consider their suppliers and reputation. Have the venue experience in putting on this sort of event? An experienced operations team will make the set-up and running of your event all the easier and will give you confidence that things will go to plan.

All in the planning

Once you’ve chosen the venue, make sure you pay a few visits to really familiarise yourself with it. The venue team will be able to show you where the outlets are and advise you on preferred suppliers to build your event.

When it comes to lead time, the more you give yourself the better. You’ll want to make sure that you’re first in the queue when it comes to booking speakers and the best suppliers as well as giving yourself plenty of time to build up the excitement and make sure you get as many delegates as you’d like. If you’re planning your event in the summer or in the run up to Christmas, you’ll have to be especially mindful of the fact that people’s diaries fill up a long time in advance.

The right speakers can make or break an event. Look for a balance of people and opinions. We always think it’s worthwhile to add the odd unexpected curveball into the mix as well!

What’s it all about?

A strong theme is a must. Take time to discuss with your team what the unifying message your speakers and exhibits will deliver. The best themes are catchy and succinct while triggering an emotional response. You want to stimulate conversation and make sure that the questions you’re posing are open-ended and thought-provoking to kindle debate and consideration.

Your theme will inform all your decisions regarding content, branding and promotion; from designing the logo, posters and the right hashtags to get your event trending.

Details, details

Look for ways in which you can make the space at your venue work for you. Sure, you’ll want a traditional speaker space for your plenary sessions, keynote speeches and debates, but why not add another dimension to your attendees’ experience by creating immersive and engaging exhibits to take part in? Here at Tobacco Dock, we’re fortunate enough to be able to offer a range of flexible spaces to build a creative and interactive event that will stick out in your delegates’ memories.

Think about the little touches that will make your event easier for your attendees. Lower lighting is best for those wishing to use their laptops, tablets and phones, while charging points are always much appreciated.

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