Consumer Shows

Product Launches


Number of attendees


Spaces used

East Mall, Quayside, Great and Little Galleries as well as North and East Dock

Number of sponsors/exhibitors

72 speakers and 50 exhibitors

Event Duration

3 days

Game face on

a breakdown of the W.A.S.D. event

W.A.S.D. is a new gaming event with a strong indie video games focus, drawing over 5,000 attendees over 3 days. Targeted both at players and emerging industry talent, attendees could play the very latest releases, chat to developers, listen to talks and learn more about the games industry and the careers it can offer. The first gaming event held post-Covid, W.A.S.D. was the central playable and interactive feature of the London Games Festival, with over 300 screens of playable games for attendees to get their teeth into.

The organisers used custom-built gaming pods throughout. Featuring wall panelling, counter and storage beneath, the pods included 8 screens apiece and made the experience comfortable and immersive for the attendees.

On the Thursday evening, they also held a drinks reception in the Quayside Bar, sponsored by gaming agency, Diva. An invitation-only event, 400 guests congregated for networking, drinks and a great catch up.

Facilities and facts

Gamers paradise

With recognised pedigree in the gaming industry, Tobacco Dock was an easy choice for the organisers.

Making connections

Our unbeaten bandwidth and WiFi provision means that up to 8,000 devices can be used simultaneously.

Teamwork makes the dream work

The W.A.S.D. team made special mention of the support they received from our Event Operations Team.

Why Tobacco Dock?

The W.A.S.D. organising team were looking for a venue which could reflect the style credentials of their event as well as capacity for their projected visitor numbers. They felt the architecture of Tobacco Dock was impressive but also quirky and cool, while the multiple spaces meant that their exhibitors could make their individual spaces completely their own. It also made the visitor journey through the venue more compelling, adding an element of discovery as they moved from space.

The unrivalled bandwidth and secure, reliable WiFi, suitable for up to 8,000 devices running simultaneously was a draw for an event that was so focussed on tech and connected gaming.

In the wake of Covid, the plentiful outdoor space at the venue was an added bonus, helping to keep the event well ventilated and to create an open and airy guest flow.

In addition to the venue’s established reputation in the gaming industry, the organisers liked Tobacco Dock’s easily accessible location for attendees travelling from all over the capital. Having already evolved a good relationship with the venue through working on previous events, the W.A.S.D. team felt they knew the venue well enough to anticipate the ways in which they could grow and develop the event over the coming years.

Ground Level
Vaults Level
Ground Level

Ground Level

In the Great Gallery, East Mall Square, East Mall 3-6 and Quayside spaces, the W.A.S.D. team used custom-made gaming pods for exhibitors to share the latest releases. The PCGamesN Theatre was set up in East Mall 1 with talks on gaming industry hot topics. Career talks and Q&As took place in East Mall 2, while they set up their organisers’ office in East Mall 5. Catering was spread across Great Gallery Courtyard and Little Gallery, while Quayside Bar served as a pub and the location of Thursday evening drinks reception. Table-top board games were available in Little Gallery for those who wanted to get some irl fun. 
Vaults Level

Vaults Level

The London Games Finance Market took over North Dock 1-3 as part of the London Games Festival, bringing 60 start-up developers together with investors and publishers. East Dock 1-5 was used as meeting space and storage for W.A.S.D.’s clients and suppliers.  

The end results

The bustling event was a key part of the London Games Festival and saw 5,000 keen gamers stream through our iconic gates. The attendees loved having the chance to be some of the first to try out the latest games, make connections and to find out more about the workings of the industry as well as ways in which they could forge their own career paths in the growing field. A popular session with YouTube gaming sensation Ali A was held in the PCGamesN Theatre in East Mall and proved a massive draw.

Last minute challenges were dealt with quickly by the Tobacco Dock team.  The W.A.S.D. team were keen to maximise space for their clients, but shortly before the event began realised that they didn’t have enough room for their own items. Their Event Operations Manager speedily found them some space in the car park to use and the crisis was averted!


W.A.S.D. made use of several of our service partners. As well as Oracle Security and NuKleen cleaning, they used Display Ways who created impactful window vinyl graphics as well as free-standing signs, which created a strong sense of flow through the venue.

Anna Valley, our in-house AV partner, worked with W.A.S.D. team. The ceilings were blacked out, to create a moody feel, and lighting was trained on the graphics of the games to make it all pop and help the focus of the gamers.

Using service partners who are experienced in working within the particular constraints and restrictions of a Grade 1 listed building makes for a a fuss-free and quality experience.

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