Consumer Shows

True OriGINs – The Scottish Gin Festival

Number of attendees


Spaces used

North Vaults

Number of sponsors/exhibitors

Over 50 producers

Event Duration

2 days

A celebration of Scottish gin

a breakdown of the true origins event

This was a relatively new event and the organisers wanted to bring Scottish gin to a new London audience. After a trip to the venue for another consumer show, Mungo and Guy Finlayson, True OriGINs founders know they had found the right place for their own event. Tobacco Dock’s convenient location combined with the flexible space on offer and the scope the venue provides to grow events were key factors in the decision-making process. The North Vaults are a distinctive and stylish setting for a consumer show and are self-contained while enjoying the impressiveness of the wider venue.

Facilities and facts


The festival took place in the charismatic barrel-ceilinged North Vaults

Immersive experience

7 masterclasses took place over 5 sessions


The flexible space in the North Vaults made it perfect for a layout taking attendees on a journey through the different areas of Scotland

Journey of discovery

The organisers were passionate about introducing attendees to the many emerging distilleries in Scotland and making this as immersive an experience as possible. The flexible space in the North Vaults meant that they were able to create a compelling journey through the venue taking their guests on a gin tour of the different areas of Scotland.

The bars were spread out around the space, with the barrel-ceilinged vault spaces serving as breakouts for workshops and masterclasses.



The North Vaults spaces meant the organisers could create a satisfying and clear attendee journey, arriving to the venue through the Pennington Street East entrance 

The event

This was an event with an extremely short lead time, so the organisers appreciated the experience and professionalism of our team who helped get everything ready in time. We were able to support on the organisation and in amplifying their marketing to ensure their target audience knew about the event and was inspired to come along.


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