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London Craft Beer Festival

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Growing every year

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3 days

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a breakdown of the London Craft Beer Festival

The London Craft Beer Festival is a celebration of real beer and craft producers as well as terrific food and music. Arriving at Tobacco Dock in their 6th year, they have gradually grown year on year, taking over more spaces in the venue to welcome their beer fans.

Room to grow

The unique layout of Tobacco Dock means that we have been able to accommodate the event's growth over the years.

The team love...

...the atmosphere the rich history and beautiful architecture of the venue add to the event.

Wow the crowds

When Covid restrictions meant added social distancing, we were able to create a more spacious guest flow to keep the crowds safe

Why Tobacco Dock?

A visit to Meatopia inspired the London Craft Beer Festival organisers with ideas of how their event would fit in the venue. They were struck by the scale and beauty of Tobacco Dock and felt it would make the ideal location for the festival.

The London Craft Beer Festival team had been looking for somewhere which would give them the scope to move their already successful event to the next level. The generous proportions of Tobacco Dock, paired with the flexibility of the spaces meant that they were excited at the potential for further growth.

Another aspect that was important to them was a unique atmosphere and the fascinating history and architecture of the building, which added a further dash of charisma to the festival.



The curving lines and exposed brickwork of the North and South Vaults provide a characterful and atmospheric setting for the bustling London Craft Beer Festival. The spaces serve well as pop up breweries and the central bandstand made for a spectacular DJ platform 

What's more

Following the success of their first year, they were able to expand to take over more of the event space in the building. Following Covid restrictions we were able to increase the footprint of their tenancy so that attendees would have plenty of room and bottlenecks and potential for crowding were effectively avoided.

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Have an idea?