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The AI Summit

Number of attendees


Spaces used

Full Venue Takeover

Number of sponsors/exhibitors

+200 sponsors, +75 exhibitors

Event Duration

2 days

The AI Summit crowds

a breakdown of The AI Summit event

The flagship AI event at London Tech Week, The AI Summit London is produced in partnership with the UK government. It focuses on the commercial application of AI and explores the practical ways in which it can improve business. The summit welcomed a record +3,000 attendees from government ministers to senior decision makers and key stakeholders, giving them access to two days of insight-led content, networking and the opportunity to witness AI in real time.

While the core content was accessible to everyone, each audience group had the opportunity to take part in elements most relevant to them to maximise the value of the experience. Attendees could rub shoulders with industry leaders, take part in round-table discussions, discover new start-ups in the exhibition spaces, join hands-on workshops and data science training to get to grips with cutting-edge tech.

Stand-out moments included a 3D hologram address from President Volodymyr Zelensky and the Foreign Secretary hosting a roundtable on the ways in which the issue of fake news and misinformation can be tackled.

Facilities and facts

Great feedback

Sponsors were delighted to be able to make a big impact with minimal styling due to the stylish backdrop of Tobacco Dock

Record breaker

This event saw The AI Summit's highest ever attendance, with +3,000 delegates


The massive WiFi 6 and impressive tech infrastructure Tobacco Dock has to offer was ideal for this event

Why Tobacco Dock?

The organisers wanted a venue that could provide atmosphere, premium spaces and high capacity and there’s no better place to tick all those boxes! Our multiple entrances and flexible layout meant that they could create a journey fitted to each of their audiences, whether that was using the entrance through Wapping Lane and the self-contained Dock Gallery as an exclusive space for their VIP guests, or deploying the glass-fronted East Mall and Quayside Breakouts to help their top-tier sponsors to create own branded, experiential spaces.

They found that using a light touch on their creative branding had a big impact while keeping the strong sense of place Tobacco Dock delivers. One of the things the organisers were pleased to hear from their sponsors, particularly those who were from the U.S., was how much they loved the ‘London-ness’ of the venue, with its many distinctive touches, from the ships on Quayside Walkway to the yellow phone boxes and statues inside. This sense of place was a key factor in their decision to move away from purpose-built events venues to something that elevated the experience for attendees and sponsors alike.

Ground Level
Vaults Level
Ground Level

Ground Level

Visitors arrived into the Vaults level and registered in the North Vaults Courtyard. The main plenary took place in the Little Gallery, while smaller stages in the North Dock and East Mall 5 (pale yellow) delivered other strands of content. The East Mall and Quayside spaces highlighted in turquoise were ideal spaces for breakouts and sponsors. The Great Gallery, GGA and East Mall Square served as exhibition space. Back of House spaces and Organisers' Offices are highlighted in dark green and blue and located in the North Dock 1 and North Vaults, and South Vaults 3 and 5 spaces. VIPs entered through the Wapping Lane gate and had a separate space in Dock Gallery. 
Vaults Level

Vaults Level

The majority of North Vaults spaces were used as exhibition space and sponsor stages (turquoise). East Dock spaces (pink) were used for masterclasses and forums, while East Dock Meeting Suite (teal) served as a lounge area, perfect for 1-2-1 catch ups. South Vaults 1, highlighted in orange was the ideal spot for a cloakroom. 

The end results

Inter-twining the top tier sponsors’ spaces with the content stages in the East Mall and Quayside Breakouts meant there was consistent footfall and an exciting atmosphere. Sponsors also had the option to hire space in the East Dock Meeting Suite and East Dock that allowed them to have one-to-one discussions away from the throng.

The main bulk of sponsors were housed in the Great Gallery. As the largest of our spaces, this was the ideal location to house the exhibition element of the event. The event organisers worked closely with their sponsors to ensure their exhibits were compelling and interesting, meaning the space quickly built up a buzzing atmosphere with attendees keen to explore the stands.

The Dock Gallery was perfect as a VIP area, with a separate entrance through our iconic Wapping Lane Gate. A lounge area with food, round table discussions and executive briefings meant that their targeted content could be delivered in a separate space, while leaving them free to go and interact with the rest of the event as they needed.

The spaces were bustling, and as well as showcasing up-to-the-minute tech and innovations from the world’s leading minds and practitioners, there was even a nod to how far we’ve come with exhibits of early iterations of computers lent by the Worple Museum, as well as a virtual ‘AI Through the Ages’ interactive showcase.

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