Perform X

Number of attendees


Spaces used

East Mall, Quayside, North and South Vaults

Number of sponsors/exhibitors

70 speakers, 45 exhibitors

Event Duration

2 days

Perform X exercise session

a breakdown of the Perform X event

Following a conference format, attendees were fitness professionals from gym owners to fitness influencers, sportsmen and women to personal trainers. In the past, the Perform X team have organised events which catered to consumers, but on this occasion wanted to evolve the offering to something more in-depth for professionals. A focus on education and thought leadership was bolstered by big-name brand exhibitors.

A roll call of high-profile speakers drew the crowds, with headline talks from Ben Francis of Gymshark, boxers Amir Khan and George Groves, and ex-England Rugby Coach Stuart Lancaster. Meanwhile there were fitness classes and demonstrations in the exhibitor spaces from attendees to learn new techniques and explore the latest equipment.

Facilities and facts

Venue was a draw for exhibitors

Perform X reported that the reputation and great layout of Tobacco Dock made it easier for them to obtain buy-in from their target exhibiting brands

Stylish backdrop

The distinctive exposed brickwork, timber beams and glass walls meant that the brands needed only to do a little set dressing to create characterful exhibition spaces

Great location

Just one stop from Bank, Tobacco Dock is easy to reach for attendees from all over the capital and from mainline stations

Why Tobacco Dock?

The organisers were determined to find a venue with more personality than regular large-scale purpose-built event centres. They wanted a venue with an urban feel and ‘cool’ reputation to reflect the dynamics of the fitness industry, and the quirky detailing and architectural charisma of Tobacco Dock fit the bill to perfection.

Holding the event in a landmark venue made it easier for them to achieve buy-in from exhibiting brands. Not only was the venue reputation a good fit for their target brands, but also the ready-made modularity of the spaces made it cheaper for the exhibitors to create impactful stands. Rather than needing to work with shell scheme to break up a large space, exhibitors had spaces of their own, each boasting exposed brickwork and timber beams as well as plenty of glass to add to the sense of light and atmosphere. They all transformed their spaces to reflect their brand values while still retaining the character of the venue, which added to a sense of cohesion throughout the event.

The location was another deciding factor. While many large events venues are a lengthy journey even for those living in London, Tobacco Dock, just one stop on the Overground from Bank, is a relatively central space with a large catchment.

Ground level
Vaults level
Ground level

Ground level

Headline talks took place in East Mall 1 and Quayside 1, while the rest of the ground floor spaces were used for exhibition and brand takeovers.  
Vaults level

Vaults level

North Vaults 1 was used for headline speakers and the North Vaults courtyard was used as a catering area. The North Fountain was used as a DJ station and smoothie bar while the rest of the Vaults level spaces were used for brand takeovers, exhibition and demos.  

The end results

The build process went smoothly and the Perform X team were grateful to David, their assigned Senior Event Operations Manager, for his diligent scheduling which meant that the loading in and out of the event was seamless.

The organisers and attendees were delighted with the look and feel of the event, and attendance and engagement was high. As well as talks and demos from fitness professionals, the event organisers invited speakers from other industries to share skills. As an example, a representative from Virgin came to talk about the value of experience, a topic that resonated with the audience.

We are delighted to be welcoming Perform X back next year, when they will be evolving the event to extend the experience, with the possible addition of a third VIP day. We’re looking forward to supporting them in growing this exciting event, making use of more of our versatile spaces and trusted service partners.

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Have an idea?