MongoDB.local London

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Growing year on year

Number of sponsors/exhibitors

9 sponsors

Event Duration

1 day

Divided content in the Great Gallery

About the Event

Over the course of 2023, MongoDB held 29 MongoDB.locals across the globe. In the past, MongoDB held the global conference MongoDB World in New York but is now focussed on making the experience more localised, enhancing the relevance for attendees with showcases from brands that would be recognisable to them.

Aimed at developers, champions, and partners of MongoDB, the MongoDB.local London conference and exhibition was also available to people who wanted to find out more about the program and MongoDB’s capabilities and offerings.

This was the second year MongoDB held its event at Tobacco Dock, and our flexible spaces have allowed MongoDB to substantially increase the footprint, change the flow for attendees and update the overall experience. This is a great example of the versatility of the offer at Tobacco Dock, allowing clients to grow their events year on year, and to switch the delegate journey to provide a different experience every time.

Tech solutions

Following the main plenary, the Great Gallery was draped down the centre to create 2 spaces, hosting concurrent sessions. Guests listened into these using silent disco headsets.

Focus on location

With the focus on delivering an event with a ‘local’ feel, the organisers drew inspiration from Tobacco Dock's surroundings and renamed the spaces as London landmarks.

Switched up spaces

Our versatile layout allowed the organisers to change the flow of spaces from the previous year to give their attendees a fresh experience.

Why Tobacco Dock?

There were three main reasons why the MongoDB team chose Tobacco Dock when they were looking for their ideal venue.

  1. The space on offer at the venue was key. In their first year here, they used the Little Gallery, Great Gallery, East Mall and the East Dock Meeting Suite with entrance through Pennington Street. This year, in response to their growing guest list, they were able to increase their event footprint considerably and they switched up the delegate journey by moving the entrance to Wapping Lane.
  2. As a dry hire venue, the versatility of the spaces meant that they had plenty of freedom with the layouts, whether making them theatre style, boardroom, or setting up exhibition space as needed.
  3. The MongoDB team were looking for somewhere with a cooler, trendier feel than a traditional conference centre. As the objective behind the roadshow was to focus on the sense of place of each of the cities it visited, the unique atmosphere of the Grade 1 listed building of Tobacco Dock, with its exposed brickwork, original timber beams and classic phone boxes dotted around the place, made it an ideal spot for the London leg of their tour.

They’re always on the lookout for spaces with character and our stylish but pared-back interiors were the ideal fit for their branding, which served to make the event unmistakably ‘MongoDB’. They loved the fact that they only needed a light touch to create a stunning backdrop for their event.

Ground Level
Vaults Level
Ground Level

Ground Level

The spaces used for the MongoDB events shifted from one year to the next to better accommodate the flow of delegates. Red indicates the spaces used in just Year 1, Blue for Year 2 and Purple is for spaces used in both years. 
Vaults Level

The End Results

Attendees were showcased content from some of the UK’s most recognisable brands, such as Jaguar Land Rover, Sainsbury’s, Vodafone and Microsoft.  Little Gallery and Quayside 1 served as Expo Halls with stands from partners and sponsors as well as MongoDB, and catering was also set up in these spaces.

With a large number of attendees looking forward to some important updates, the MongoDB team wanted to make sure they were able to access the content most relevant to them. They used a solution an increasing number of our clients are employing to deliver two content tracks at the same time in one space. The plenary took place in the Great Gallery, after which the space was divided in two using drapes. The audiences donned noise-cancelling headsets and separate talks were delivered just metres apart. This tech solution enabled the organisers to reuse the large Great Gallery space innovatively, without the need to expand the event footprint for these smaller talks.

With the focus on delivering an event with a ‘local’ feel, the organisers drew inspiration from their London surroundings and renamed the spaces as London landmarks.  The two halves of the Great Gallery became Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, the Little Gallery was Oxford Circus and Quayside 1 was Piccadilly Circus for the day.

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