Major software client

Number of attendees


Spaces used

Great Gallery, Little Gallery and East Mall

Number of sponsors/exhibitors

12 speakers

Event Duration

1 day

Versatile spaces

a breakdown of the event

An annual internal sales ‘kick off’ for the software company’s UK & Ireland sales teams. This is an annual event for the company and is used as an opportunity to congregate their workforce and leadership for fresh business updates and strategy sharing before a gala dinner and awards ceremony to celebrate the successes of the previous year.

Facilities and facts

Multi-functional space

The versatility of Tobacco Dock was a big plus point with the ability to host a formal dinner, plenary and breakout sessions.

Supplier relationships

The organisers were impressed by the strong service partner relationships we have, leading to a streamlined, high-quality event.

Quick turnaround

This was an event with a particularly short lead time, so our

Why Tobacco Dock?

The organisers wanted to find a venue that would add character and interest to the event. A multi-functional space which would accommodate both the keynote and gala dinner/awards, as well as having plenty of breakout locations was a priority.

With a short lead time it was imperative that the event and supplier teams worked together in an efficient manner. The client felt that the close relationship we have with our suppliers made the whole planning process and execution streamlined and stress-free.



The Great Gallery made a spectacular backdrop to the main plenary, while the East Mall spaces and Little Gallery were ideal for breakout sessions.  
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