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Lululemon Sweatlife

Sweatlife is the flagship event of the Lululemon calendar, drawing thousands of attendees to a day of 250 workouts, yoga and lifestyle classes alongside inspiring panels and talks. This year saw the third of their annual lifestyle festivals and for the first time extended to two days.

Sweatlife began at Tobacco Dock and we are delighted to have accompanied Lululemon through its evolution. The team loves the adaptability of space the venue offers them as well as the extensive branding opportunities throughout the space. Tobacco Dock’s convenient location is another strong draw as attendees are able to easily travel to and from the event.

The event took over almost the entire venue and put the many spaces to a variety of uses. Talks were held in East Mall, while yoga, meditation, and other exercise classes took place in the Great Gallery, Little Gallery, Dock Gallery and Vaults.