Summer Party

Hitachi Summer Party

The Hitachi Rail Europe Summer Party brings together over 300 key business customers, stakeholders and internal team members to celebrate a successful year. It’s a great opportunity for stakeholders to spend time with Hitachi’s executive team in an informal setting. Hitachi appreciated the range of in-house services on offer here at Tobacco Dock such as our incredible catering and AV facilities. We loved putting on the festival themed event complete with food stalls, outdoor games and friendly ‘hedge people’.

Each year the party follows an immersive theme that takes attendees out of their day-to-day roles and lets them find out more about in Hitachi an entertaining and engaging way. People are the biggest asset to Hitachi, and the event also allows stakeholders to spend time with our Executive team in an informal environment.

After three successful events, everyone had even bigger expectations and the Hitachi team wanted to grow the size of the event and find a venue to match. Finding a flexible space that could comfortably accommodate 300 in a relaxed atmosphere with entertainment spaces was a definite challenge.

One of Tobacco Dock’s greatest assets is the range of in-house services on offer, such as catering and AV. The Hitachi team had used the same catering supplier for three years, but the Tobacco Dock Food team were a great help in planning the event and on the night stakeholders were quick to dish out compliments about the food itself. Great food always brings a great experience to the overall event, and Tobacco Dock Food perfectly themed everything on the night – with festival food stalls serving guests amazing food they could customize for a truly personal touch.