Product Launches

Guinness Six Nations Media Launch

Number of attendees


Spaces used

Quayside Breakouts, East Mall Spaces, Little Gallery, North Dock

Number of sponsors/exhibitors

272 broadcasters and media

Event Duration

1 day

GUINNESS Six Nations

a breakdown of the GUINNESS Six Nations event

The Guinness Six Nations Media Launch welcomed over 250 members of the media and press to kick off the 2020 Championship. From our industrial styling to our versatile spaces, our high-capacity WiFi infrastructure to innovative catering, Tobacco Dock was a great fit for all the event’s requirements.

Facilities and facts

Speedy WiFi

Our speedy and reliable WiFi allowed simultaneous transmissions from multiple media and broadcast partners.

Listed bricks

Our Grade 1 listed building with its exposed brickwork and timber beams was a perfect fit for the GUINNESS branding.

Multi-purpose spaces

The event organisers loved the variety of spaces they had to work with.

Why Tobacco Dock?

As huge sports fans, we were delighted to have the opportunity to host the Guinness Six Nations Media Launch in January 2020. The Guinness Six Nations team needed a venue which could not only support the immense streaming capacity required by multiple media and broadcast partners to make simultaneous transmissions, but which also provided an aesthetic fit with their brand.

The exposed brickwork, timber beams and metal stanchions at Tobacco Dock complemented GUINNESS’ own brand and provided a stylish and atmospheric backdrop to the event’s promotional photography.

The end results

The large number of different media and broadcast agencies, who each wanted to be able to create their own original content, meant that a tightly planned schedule was necessary, complemented by a straightforward attendee flow. The spaces used for the event meant that there were clearly defined areas for different activities.

Little Gallery doubled as a plenary space, where the initial welcome was made, and later on served as a GUINNESS bar and lunch area. Meanwhile the East Mall spaces and Quayside Breakouts served a multitude of purposes, from podcast recording to interview suites, and photo shoot rooms to broadcasting areas.

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