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Pulse Europe

Number of attendees


Spaces used

All of Ground level and key spaces in Vaults

Number of sponsors/exhibitors


Event Duration

3 days

Gainsight Pulse Europe

A breakdown of the Gainsight Pulse Europe event

This was the first time Pulse Europe has been able to be run as a fully live event since the start of Covid, so Gainsight pulled out all the stops to make this a memorable and valuable experience for their attendees. One of their company values is ‘childlike joy’ and so creating moments of surprise and delight was a key factor in the event brief. Their production agency, Simply Better, sprinkled plenty of magical moments of surprise and delight throughout the event to treat the attendees and add an extra dimension of fun to the event.

The event was split into two parts, with the Pulse Academy taking place on Thursday, while the build for Pulse Europe continued.

The Academy welcomed 100 attendees and took place in the Quayside Breakouts which were ideal for workshops and track rooms. There was a crossover of attendees from the Pulse Academy and the main Pulse Europe event, so the organisers wanted to keep the main venue under wraps. They also used a different entrance for the two events, meaning that attendees would get a distinct experience for each day right from the moment of their arrival.

Pulse Europe took place over two days and its structure was centred around Gainsight-led keynote presentations in the Great Gallery, with panel guests and discussion with industry leaders. Breakout content, which took place in the East Mall and other spaces across the venue, was delivered by other industry experts. Meanwhile, exhibitors positioned in the Little Gallery and East Mall Square were on hand to offer their expertise and services to delegates.

Facilities and facts

Accommodating attendees

Our unique layout meant we were able to keep the two parts of the event separate to keep the wow factor alive!

Great feedback

Our clients were delighted with their experience of working with Tobacco Dock, while their delegates had overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Beautiful branding

The Gainsight team made great use of our listed spaces to create impactful branding throughout.

Why Tobacco Dock?

As their first fully live event in three years, Gainsight wanted a wow-factor venue that would not only accommodate all their needs for separate spaces and smooth delegate flow, but would also give them an opportunity to take their visitors’ breath away with imaginative branding and unique layouts. Tobacco Dock with its Grade 1 listed, historic architecture and wealth of unusual features, as well as variety of spaces and multiple entrances, ticked all the boxes from a layout perspective and gave the team the creative freedom they needed to make an unforgettable event.

They wanted to make use of the generous space – they used extra rooms to create sponsor lounges, prayer rooms and parents’ room for those needing a quiet place to express. The flexibility of spaces meant they were able to give attendees the best possible experience. The fact that we have our very own rooftop bar and ice rink was another string to their bow – meaning they had even more scope for fun within their ‘childlike joy’ brief!

Ground Level Map
Vaults Level Map
Ground Level Map

Ground Level Map

Pulse Academy on Day 1 took place in the Quayside Breakouts and attendees used Wapping Lane Entrance. For the Pulse Europe event on days 2 and 3, delegates accessed the venue through the Pennington Street entrance. The Plenary took place in Great Gallery. The yellow-shaded East Mall spaces were Track Rooms for delegates to follow targeted content. Little Gallery and East Mall Square were used for a combination of Exhibition and Catering, while the catering back of house was house in GGA. 
Vaults Level Map

Vaults Level Map

While the bulk of the event took place on the Ground Floor, the Vaults level was where attendees entered. North Docks 1&2 were used as cloakroom space, while North Dock 3 was the registration centre. North Vaults 6 was a Calm Room and North Vaults 3 was used as a Prayer Room. Meanwhile the East Dock spaces were set aside as the main sponsors' offices. 

End results

Gainsight are one of the first to drive data-driven sales enablement and have positioned themselves as thought-leaders in the industry. This means that event attendees know they’re going to get value from the event quality of speakers and attendees. There is also a strong networking element. The organisers created an event app and used Grip, an event success platform that harnesses AI-powered matchmaking, to connect delegates for peer-to-peer learning and networking. Attendees could make use of the common spaces, both indoor and outdoor, and East Dock spaces, which were bookable through the app.

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