Product Launches

EMC Mega Launch – Quantum Leap

Number of attendees


Spaces used

Great Gallery, Little Gallery and East Mall

Number of sponsors/exhibitors


Event Duration

1 day

EMC Quantum Leap

a breakdown of the EMC event

This was a tech product launch with an extremely tight turnaround of just four weeks. The event hosted 180 guests ranging from industry media, high level management and clients and used a high proportion of our ground level spaces.
*Images by kind permission of Principal. London DMC

Facilities and facts

Quick turnaround

Our strong working relationship with Principal. London DMC meant dealing with the 4 week lead time was smooth.

Visually striking

The Tobacco Dock aesthetic was a big draw for the clients who were looking for somewhere with visual impact.

Keeping connected

Our strong tech infrastructure and 1Gb WiFi bandwidth allowed for speedy, reliable sharing of the product launch.

Why Tobacco Dock?

EMC wanted an impressive and visually striking venue to launch their new product, Quantum Leap. Security and technology capabilities were also at the top of the list when it came to identifying the right venue for this event.

The product launch was delivered within an extremely short lead time due to the secrecy of the software reveal. EMC were reassured by the that Principal. London DMC, their chosen DMC, and Tobacco Dock are so experienced at working together, meaning that their event was in safe hands.



The event took place in the North East corner of the venue, making use of our largest space, the Great Gallery for the launch while early arrivals were entertained in the Little Gallery to avoid any spoiler alerts. 

The end results

The clients were delighted with the levels of production and innovation which brought their event to life. Taking place on February 29th, the theme of ‘leap year’ fitted into the Quantum Leap branding and the theme was developed further with giant 3m frog sculptures throughout the venue as well as digital frogs ‘leaping’ across a 10m presentation screen.

In addition to their amphibious friends, Principal. London DMC worked with Tobacco Dock’s capable service partners to create a stunning set design complete with furnishing, AV and technical set-up.

The in-house caterers, Tobacco Dock Food, created a delicious spread to keep all the synapses sparking.

Our clients were delighted with the quick turnaround and the resulting event.

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