Decoded Future

Number of attendees


Spaces used

East Mall and Quayside

Number of sponsors/exhibitors

76 speakers

Event Duration

1 day

Beautiful branding

a breakdown of the Decoded Future event

Decoded Future was a conference bringing Decoded and Stylus together for a groundbreaking event aimed at experience and lifestyle, fashion, luxury, beauty and wellness brands to explore innovation. It sought to empower change-makers and to encourage attendees to explore, discover and connect with one another.

Aimed at helping attendees rethink the ways in which they evolve their businesses, the event involved experts talking consumer trends, presentations by brand leaders, opportunities to get hands-on with the latest tech and to mix with change-makers.

The span of different content meant that they needed a versatile layout that would work for different areas of interest. The organisers were impressed by the variety of spaces on offer and the flexibility this afforded them.

As the conference was aimed at a variety of industries, it was important that they choose a venue that was conveniently located and easily accessed from a variety of locations across the city.


Facilities and facts

Branding opportunities

The organisers loved the opportunities for creating striking branding around the venue

Location, location, location

The convenient location of Tobacco Dock made perfect sense for attracting attendees from all over the city

Bespoke layout

The versatile spaces suited the varied content and delivery across the event

Why Tobacco Dock?

The pared back, stylish spaces on offer allowed the Decoded Future team to put their own creative stamp on the venue in a striking and effective way. The combination of spaces helped to create a flow for the delegates’ journey through the conference.

Ground Floor
Vaults Level
Ground Floor

Ground Floor

The use of the Quayside spaces meant that the delegates entered the venue through the iconic Wapping Lane gate and that they could enjoy views of the cobbled Quayside Walkway and the famous dry-docked 'pirate' ships. 
Vaults Level

Vaults Level

East Dock is a great space for conferencing options, whether booked on its own, or, as here, when incorporated into a wider layout. Containing stylish meeting rooms, reception space and presentation spaces, it's a characterful and flexible area of the venue. 

The end results

The team are already planning their next event at Tobacco Dock! The event ran smoothly and the Tobacco Dock Event Operations Team worked closely with the client’s own event team so ensure that the experience for both attendees and organisers was extraordinary.

Have an idea?

Have an idea?