Number of attendees


Spaces used

Dock Gallery and Meeting Room Suite

Number of sponsors/exhibitors


Event Duration

1 day

BluJay Soar Summit

a breakdown of the BluJay event

BluJay is a software solutions company working for the retail supply chain industry. The SOAR Summit gave their existing and potential clients an opportunity to connect with other BluJay customers, partners and industry experts. It provided a forum to learn the latest supply chain trends and best practices as well as allowing delegates to share their own perspectives.

Facilities and facts

Stylish surroundings

The BluJay team wanted a venue that could deliver impact and a sense of character while still letting them add their own distinctive branding.

Flexible spaces

The Dock Gallery was the ideal space for their event, with the meeting room suite serving as breakout space.

Quick turnaround

The full event management package available in the Dock Gallery meant that it was a seamless, stress free planning process.

Why Tobacco Dock?

BluJay wanted a distinctive, unique venue that would help them tell a story through their conference. They were drawn to the history and quirkiness of the venue as well as its spaciousness and adaptability. As a busy company who organise a large number of events all over the world they were drawn to the ‘one stop shop’ aspect of The Dock Gallery offering. They could rest safe in the knowledge that everything would be set up and ready for them on the day and that all they really needed to do was turn up!

Map - Ground floor
Vaults Level
Map - Ground floor

Map - Ground floor

The Dock Gallery is an ideal space for clients looking for a high-impact setting for events for up to 250 attendees. 
Vaults Level

Vaults Level

The South Dock Meeting Room Suite, conveniently situated beneath Dock Gallery was the ideal spot for breakout presentations and workshops. 

The end results

The Tobacco Dock team worked closely with BluJay to ensure the event delivered upon their vision and requirements. The BluJay team were struck by the immense character and historical significance of the venue as well as the flexibility and relaxed atmosphere of The Dock Gallery. The proximity of The Dock Meeting rooms to the main conference space which they used for breakout meetings was another positive aspect.

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Have an idea?