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BBC Introducing LIVE

Number of attendees


Spaces used

Full venue takeover

Number of sponsors/exhibitors

A whole host of major artists, BBC DJs and producers and industry decision makers

Event Duration

3 days

BBC Introducing LIVE

a breakdown of the BBC Introducing LIVE event

BBC Introducing LIVE was set up for budding artists and producers who want to find out more about what a career in the music industry might be like and offering ideas and advice for how to progress, whatever stage they are at. BBC Music Introducing LIVE is the ultimate one-stop-shop for anyone looking for a career in the music industry, or those wanting to take their knowledge to the next level.

As well as a rich and varied programme of panels, ‘in conversation’ chats, debates, advice and more from top industry names; attendees were invited to get involved with a range of practical opportunities including Songwriting Masterclasses, Industry Networking Sessions, and direct input A&R Feedback Sessions.

Facilities and facts

Attendee flow

The mixture of high capacity and more intimate spaces made for a good flow through the event to avoid overcrowding

Looking good

The organisers loved the edgy look of the venue - the perfect backdrop for their event

Location, location, location

The proximity to easy transport links meant that it was ideal for attendees visiting from all over the city

Why Tobacco Dock?

BBC Introducing LIVE is aimed at those hoping to gain an insight into careers in the music industry and attracts large numbers of attendees in the 18-25 age bracket. The organisers were looking for a high-capacity venue that could accommodate the large numbers of attendees, and provide a variety of spaces to serve as exhibition spaces, talk theatres, workshops and performance spaces.

Another key aspect in the BBC Introducing LIVE’s choice of Tobacco Dock as a venue was the urban feel of the building, which they felt was the perfect fit for their event and target demographic.

During the planning stages, the BBC Introducing LIVE team appreciated the support and expertise of the Tobacco Dock Operations Team, who were able to help them plan their program and advise on the sound level management throughout the venue. Tobacco Dock’s distinctive layout created the ability to interact between the two levels which contributed to the buzz and atmosphere of the event.

Ground level
Vaults level
Ground level

Ground level

Attendees used the Lower Quayside entrance. Spaces were spread throughout the venue, with bandstands serving as popup stages. 
Vaults level

Vaults level

The use of both levels gave a sense of bustle and atmosphere in the central open sections. 

The team commented on the ease of production – at Tobacco Dock, our extensive breakouts and connecting spaces meant that the festival zones were easily defined, with no need for any construction in their event build. They also loved the fact that many of the spaces already had the rigging, lighting and sound systems in situ and ready for action.

The variety of spaces was a great catalyst for the organisers’ imaginations. The Great Gallery was ideal for the headline music events, while the glass-fronted East Mall spaces served as buzzing podcast recording spaces as well as the location for the talks and workshops. The bandstand areas were used for exactly that, with up and coming signed and unsigned artists performing their sets to the passing attendees.

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Have an idea?