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All Hands Meeting for International Client

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1 day

All hands meeting

a breakdown of the event

With over 1m employees worldwide, an All Hands Meeting was no mean feat to organise for this large company. Of course, the majority of attendees would not be onsite, instead watching the plenary through a live stream, so it was important to get all the timings and audio-visual elements completely flawless.

While the event was live for just one day, the production levels were extraordinarily high and the build took place over the course of a week, with painstaking attention to detail to ensure every element of the livestream worked perfectly.

During this process, and on the live day, the clients made use of Quayside 2 as a production office. Meanwhile East Dock 1 and 2 were used as office space for the client team and the Plain Jane Events team respectively.

The event took the form of a plenary in Great Gallery with overspill to Little Gallery, making use of our Dante over IP speaker system (which allows sharing of content across both indoor and outdoor spaces), while our AV Service Partners, Anna Valley ensured the screens, lighting and camera work delivered a prime experience for all attendees.

Facilities and facts

Great communication

The Plain Jane and end clients teams worked closely with the experienced Tobacco Dock team to produce an exceptional event.

Prime location

Tobacco Dock's location and nearby transport links made it a convenient venue for the attendees travelling from their office in Shoreditch.

Versatile spaces

The guest flow from arrival to plenary to the party meant attendees experienced different areas of the building as they journeyed through the event.

Why Tobacco Dock?

As ever there were a combination of factors that made the clients choose Tobacco Dock. With their UK base in Shoreditch, they were looking for a venue that would be easily reached via public transport. The fact that we have 57 spaces was another draw, meaning that they could create a unique layout and designate different spaces for production offices, meeting rooms and executive spaces.

They were able to hold the content part of the day upstairs and took their attendees down to the Vaults level for the reception. The use of multiple drinks stations and catering stands in the Courtyard spaces ensured swift service and great guest flow.

The thing that really tipped the scales in our favour was the unusual backdrop our Grade 1 listed building could give the event. The exposed brickwork, indoor/ outdoor spaces and the industrial feel on the Ground Level gave them inspiration for their set design and lots of opportunities for multiple camera angles in their filming.

Ground floor
Vaults level
Ground floor

Ground floor

The spaces the event used are highlighted in yellow. The clients chose to hire the venue on an exclusive basis and the extra spaces are highlighted in purple. 
Vaults level

The end results

This was the first time Plain Jane Events had worked with us, so it was important to both teams that we quickly foster
a dynamic and productive working relationship. Events at Tobacco Dock are assigned dedicated Account Managers and Event Operations Managers who will work with them throughout the lifecycle of the event. This helps to get the teams aligned and to quickly deliver on the brief.

Together with our audio-visual service partners, were able to provide the event with a multiple camera live stream. The plenary session was watched by 10,000 across the world.

The clients were delighted with the guest flow from arrival to plenary and through to the party session, meaning attendees experienced different areas of the building as they journeyed through the event. The clients and their events agency, Plain Jane Events, used our unique architecture as a characterful backdrop to their branding, embracing the exposed brickwork and curved vault ceilings and pillars into their designs.

A DJ on Great Gallery Courtyard welcomed the attendees at the outset of the event, while later on Radio 1Xtra DJ Ace got the party started downstairs in the Vaults. Guests were then treated to a party with food stations and bars dotted around the Vaults Courtyard spaces and enjoyed world-class entertainment including live art experiences, arcade games and live music.

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