Why you should consider a January Christmas Party

OK, so a January Christmas party might sound like an unusual idea, but bear with us! If you’re in the hospitality industry, chances are that you’ll be too busy looking after your clients during December to have a chance to raise a glass with your own team. But whatever your line of work, there’s a host of reasons why delaying your festive celebrations might be a good choice.

Fill that guest list

December isn’t called silly season for nothing! The entire month is a full-throttle onslaught of get-togethers, carol services, school nativities, markets, family gatherings and other engagements. It’s tricky to get a date to suit everyone on the team. By contrast, January is a famously quiet month making it much simpler to land on a day which fits for all your guests. Additionally, your guests won’t be spending the evening thinking about their enormous festive to-do lists, leaving them free to concentrate on having fun!

Party where you want to

As guest availability improves post-Christmas, so too do your chances of securing the perfect venue. Hot spots for Christmas parties get booked up months ahead of time. However, when the Christmas lights come down and everyone gets ready to tackle the fresh year, you can take your pick! It can also give you a little license to get more creative in the sort of thing you decide to do. Christmas parties are traditionally built around a meal out with colleagues, but why not take this opportunity to break with tradition and do something more active?

Don’t look back

Traditionally, Christmas parties are an opportunity to look back at the year gone by. It’s great to thank your team for a job well done and to celebrate your triumphs. Holding your party in January means that you can slightly shift the focus, allowing you to motivate your team, set ambitious targets and to set the tone for success for the year ahead. Cheering up your colleagues in the post-Christmas slump is a great way of injecting some enthusiasm and building team spirit.

Not another mince pie

Much as we love all the traditional festive delicacies, by the time January rolls around, we’ve all had more than our fill of mince pies, smoked salmon and stollen. January Christmas parties give you a chance to move on from the annual holiday gluttony and try something different. A party the other side of Christmas is also a great way to celebrate if you have team members from a variety of faiths. Just revel in spending time together and smile in relief that you don’t have to eat any more turkey! Up at Skylight, we’ve a selection of delicious street food options for you to choose from. We find this is a great way to encourage mingling and far more sociable than a formal seated dinner.

January is grim

Cold, dark and wet, with only the post-Christmas credit card bill to look forward to, it’s no surprise that morale hits a low in January. We think this makes it the perfect time for a party. Treat your team to some fun and treats and inject a warm glow into the misery.

If you’re searching for some late Christmas party inspiration, look no further! Head up to Skylight, our beautiful rooftop bar and get stuck into some of the capital’s best cocktails, breath-taking views and icy escapades on Europe’s only real ice rooftop ice-rink. We have lots of cosy spaces to shelter if the weather fails to RSVP, with igloos, mountain huts and the lower level Snug Bar.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how we could make a January Christmas party work for you, call our team on 0207 680 4001 or email info@tobaccodocklondon.com.