Gymshark | On The Move 2021

Gymshark | On The Move 2021

The Event

After the restrictions of lockdown, Gymshark wanted to host an event for a few lucky customers where they’d be able to get back in the gym and work up a sweat! HIIT, Yoga Flow and Booty Blasts were all on the agenda, giving their clients the chance to put their kit through its paces and connect with other workout enthusiasts.

Both days were made up of 4 sessions, each attended by 30 lucky Gymshark clients.

Why Tobacco Dock? 

The Gymshark team needed an airy space for their workouts and wanted their attendees to be able to enter and exit through their own entrance.

The stripped back, industrial stylings of the spaces were just what the Gymshark team were looking for as a backdrop for their branding and the great ventilation meant that attendees could work out safely and in comfort.

East Mall 1 fitted their requirements to perfection. In fact, the Gymshark team loved the space so much that they decided to run the event for two days rather than just the one originally planned.

The Challenge

The uncertainty created by the frequent changes in lockdown meant that the event had a very short lead time. The Gymshark team were delighted that they didn’t need to worry about COVID-compliance as all the necessary protocols are already in place at the venue. Our strong supplier relationships also made the planning and execution efficient and straightforward, while our experienced team was able to support Gymshark in bringing all the elements together and ensuring they and their attendees had an outstanding experience.

The Gymshark team were keen that their attendees not come into contact with any others at the venue. Luckily, with 5 separate entrances, we were able to assign them their own entrance on Pennington Street, which they personalised working with Displayways, one of our branding service partners, who also created signage from the Overground station to make sure no one got lost.

Another concern was that they didn’t want to get ‘lost’ in a large venue. They worried that their 30 attendees per session might be rattling around and that the event would feel empty and under-attended. Fortunately, because of our unique layout, we were able to give them a space which fitted them perfectly, giving the event just the right level of atmosphere while allowing attendees safe distance.

The result

The Gymshark team were delighted with the outcome and were especially pleased with the ease of planning and support of the Tobacco Dock team. A table at our seasonal Skylight Quayside bar post-event each day for them to debrief and unwind with a cocktail or two was an added bonus!