COVID-safe events

At Tobacco Dock we're blessed with the space and the layout to perfectly complement social distancing measures and have worked hard to create comprehensive safety protocols to help our visitors and staff enjoy our events in safety and comfort.

Ready when you are

We take safety seriously.

From suppliers to staff to attendees, we want everyone to feel confident that we’ve done all we can to prioritise their wellbeing, while helping deliver innovative and inspiring events.

We are proud to have AIM accreditation in recognition of our health and safety standards. We’ve also earned the We’re Good To Go Industry Standard demonstrating our preparedness for hosting COVID safe events at Tobacco Dock. We’re members of the mia and AEV, event industry trade associations ensuring their members all comply to high standards.

We’re keen to work with our clients to be leaders in the events industry getting back up and running responsibly. More than ever, this is about collaboration, flexibility and partnership.

Planning for now:

Some measures already in place to support organisers are:

  • Communication templates for attendees before arriving to the venue
  • Track and Trace app option via mia
  • Increased sanitation programme to suit the levels of activity within the venue. Additional focus on touch points, toilet facilities and kitchens
  • Automatic hand sanitiser stations installed in key locations
  • Behavioural signage clearly displayed throughout, with brandable templates for organisers
  • Considered furniture arrangements so events retain comfort and atmosphere
  • Well thought-out catering solutions from Tobacco Dock Food to reduce dwell time and contact

For more details of these event spaces and offerings, please refer to our Live From Tobacco Dock and Meeting Rooms pages.

Planning for the future:

We’re already working with existing clients on larger events to review their event plans to comply with the All Secure Framework. We’re ready to make this as straightforward for you too, without compromising on experience.  Key considerations:

  • Reasonable Risk Assessments Building upon existing comprehensive Risk Assessments, these are now updated to include COVID-19 considerations, which are evaluated on an event by event basis to be as thorough as possible and based on guidance in place at that specific time.
  • Go with the flow Reviewing flow of guests around the venue and within spaces, to maximise opportunities that the TD structure offers, with all our doorways, wide passageways and outdoor spaces, and then make sure the proper signage is in place to encourage expected behaviour.
  • Team work It’s not just us who have been keeping up to date. We have been working closely with all our service partners, to make sure they are as informed as we are on how best to operate moving forward. This covers everything from cleaning to catering, security to AV.
  • One Step Further If you would like to add further measures to your event, from thermal measuring, to Perspex screens, we have all the supplier recommendations you’ll need.