Live From Tobacco Dock – Hybrid Events

Designed to deliver an equally valuable experience for those both on-site and online, Live From Tobacco Dock captures all the excitement of a live ‘on air’ event while making sure that every measure is made to facilitate quality participation and engagement for all your audience members, however they’re attending.

Live From Tobacco Dock – Hybrid Events

Hybrid events

Live From Tobacco Dock is a flexible and compelling medium to deliver your event with as many opportunities for engagement for virtual attendees as for those on the ground.

Our hybrid set-up allows you to enhance the experience of virtual by re-introducing elements of the unrivalled experience of ‘live’ and optimising online reach.

Combining high production values with the theatre and immediacy of a live event within a safe setting, Live From Tobacco Dock offers you the best of both digital and physical worlds.

Join us with ease

With easy access via the more spacious and well-ventilated Overground and DLR or by road, taking advantage of the 500 space adjacent car park, Tobacco Dock is the destination of choice to safely reconnect with your chosen delegation. Once on site, our multiple entrances, ample outdoor space, wide corridors, and large event spaces offer a natural COVID-conscious setting, giving you peace of mind allowing the focus to be on your content.

The experience

For those joining virtually, registration and access to the event is just as simple via an (optional) fully customised online portal, designed to be user friendly for both the organiser to build and delegates to interact with. Alongside a high-quality multi-streaming platform, the portal offers the opportunity for pre-event communication, sponsorship, virtual exhibitions, delegate networking (individuals or groups), discussion forums and much more, retaining online participant engagement long after the keynote session.

Our strong belief is that whilst your on-site audience enjoy a socially distanced VIP experience with first class amenities, they in turn dramatically enhance the event for those participating online, with an ‘on air’ atmosphere and a more engaging and animated delivery from speakers, only achieved by real-time face to face interaction.

This, combined with our numerous ancillary spaces, ensures a clear move from webinar to live event for EVERYONE. Live From Tobacco Dock offers you the opportunity to further connect those on site with those online through:

  • additional content streams
  • focused round tables or Q&A sessions
  • interactive workshops and exhibitions

Built for you

In keeping with evidence of shorter lead times, depleted team resource and focused budgets, we have developed an inclusive but flexible ‘plug and play’ package to facilitate hybrid event planning of all scales.

As well as the use of some of the world’s most iconic event spaces and the support of an internationally recognised team, Live From Tobacco Dock will provide you with an on-site studio set comprised of HD quality equipment (including 16m LED screen, multiple cameras and mixing consoles) operated by an experienced production broadcast crew who will record, mix and edit onsite to help you reach a global audience of active participants.

A Live From Tobacco Dock event includes:

  • Spacious, iconic venue space at Tobacco Dock to accommodate either select groups or socially distanced delegations
  • HD quality AV equipment and experienced broadcast crew to deliver professional live video capture and direction
  • Onsite live editing suite to broadcast your feed to your chosen platforms for your online attendees
  • Unrivalled connectivity via robust 1GB network and unlimited hardwiring
  • Fully customisable online portal offering registration, pre-event communication, content streaming, sponsorship and networking opportunities.

At Tobacco Dock we’re experienced in mixing the old with the new; this fresh fusion of virtual and live is the natural next step on the journey and we look forward to discussing how Live From Tobacco Dock can allow us to continue to deliver world-class events together.

For more information and to find the package that best suits your needs, get in touch!